Specialized Pre-School Classes

(Walking up to 5 years of age)

Baby Bees (walking - 2 years): 30 minute parented class 

  • Fun with music, activity to explore and build gross motor skills.

Little Dragonflies (2-3 Years): 45 minute parented class

  • Gain gross motor skills and coordination with games and activities.

Tumble Bears (3-4 years): 45 minute parented class

  • Focus on gaining coordination and balance through games, music and activities.

Little Monkeys (4-5 years): 60 minute class 

  • Experience basic gymnastics skills on various apparatus, while still enjoying games and music.

Recreational Programs

(6 years of age and up)

Boys & Girls Beginner (6+ years of age): 75 minute class

  • Beginner Levels (burgundy, red & tan)

Boys & Girls Intermediate (6+ years of age): 90 minute class

  • Intermediate Levels (bronze, purple, blue & turquoise) 

Girls Advanced (9+ years of age): 90 minute class

  • Advanced Levels (silver, orange, yellow, green+)

Recreational Trampoline & Acro Tumbling (6+ years of age - boys & girls): 60 minute class

  • Improve balance, coordination and spatial awareness while learning trampoline safety.

Drop-in/Playtime Programs

Preschool Playtime 

(0-6 years of age, parented)

  • Come play with your kids in a safe and fun environment.

Wednesdays  10:00 - 11:30 am

Fridays  9:30 - 11:00 am

School Age Drop-In (4-12 years of age, parented)

  • Come play with your kids in a safe and fun environment. Perfect for PD days!​​

Fridays 9:30 - 11:00 am

**Drop-in/Playtime hours are subject to change**

**Drop-in hours on Fridays for ages 

0-12 yrs is from 

9:30 - 11:00 am  only**



Summer Camps (5-12 Years of age)

  • Recreational Day Camps - 8 weeks of the summer. 
  • Full day and half day options
  • Before and after care available

Come enjoy summer in our fully air-conditioned facility

Required Waivers

All participants in any activity must have completed waivers.  

Waivers can be downloaded from our 

HOME page.